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Six_Mile_Grove_Million_Birds_Album_Cover_-_300x300The amazing American based band, Six Mile Grove, are back with their strong and infectious new record, ‘Million Birds’. It was released on Renas Kitchen Music on 26th January 2019. The album is a perfectly crafted piece of work with catchy and relatable songs from start to finish.

‘Million Birds’ opens with the title track. It sets the scene well, beginning with faded in strings followed by Drums, Bass and Guitars. The electric lead is smooth and melodic making the sound instantly inviting. There is a laid back feel with recognisable guitar riffs repeated throughout. We adore the mix of this song. It feels like a live recording full of heart and integrity. The mix on the drums gives the feel of the room and is truly enticing.

Each of the songs are warm and interesting from start to finish. It is hard to choose the stand out tracks because the quality is so high. We loved the song, ‘Shame On Us’. From the get-go, there is a big band feel with a marching snare. Surprisingly, this pulls away to reveal a laid back groove. The song feels textural and engaging with a wonderful slide guitar.

‘Early Morning Rain’, has a smooth and catchy vibe with harmonies which can only be described as stunning. We also enjoyed, ‘Not My Fault’ for its jangeley sounding guitar in the beginning to the characterful bass and guitars. It is a singalong track and it will have your toes tapping in no time!

One of the strongest components of the record are the lyrics. They are well constructed, intelligent and beautiful. The melodies which accompany the lyrics fit wonderfully. They are melodic and carry the songs along. The vocal performance is full of emotion and has a Nashville feel to them which adds to the overall charm.

Six Mile Grove also has an impressive back catalogue which needs to be heard to be appreciated. Their 20 years of playing together have created a band which are tight and versatile. They clearly know each other musically inside out and their playing styles complement each other superbly. They are all excellent musicians in their respective fields but more importantly, they come together as one harmonious band. Cheer up your weekend and make sure you check out this divine release today.

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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