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Sleeptalk – ‘Drown In A Rainbow’

Los Angeles-based band Sleeptalk has released the brilliant indie-pop album ‘Drown In A Rainbow’. It is a release that puts the band as one leading the indie genre in 2022.

‘Dripping Colors’ opens the release and is punchy and addictive from the get-go. Complete with inviting melodies, layered instrumentation and velvety vocals, it sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come.

‘It’s Alright (Just Complicated)’ is a stand-out song. We adore the laid-back vibe and relatable vocals that effortlessly draw the listener in. The guitar riffs are filled with texture and set the piece alight.

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‘All I Need’ is an upbeat and inviting track with a gorgeous vocal performance. Finally, ‘Finding Myself’ closes the release and takes the album in a fresh direction. A sign of things to come? We can’t wait to find out.


Sleeptalk say about this latest release, “We hope to get back onto the radar that we were in back in 2019 before the pandemic. Our expectations for this album is to get us in front of booking agencies and being able to tour with bigger bands/artists.”

They continue, “A lot of the inspiration came from sleeping in an RV day in day out in the middle of nowhere with just the homies and no time constraints. We were able to really experiment in a multitude of sounds and tones that really played a big part in the album.”

Band Members

Sleeptalk comprises of musicians Anthony Fitzpatrick, Justin Melchor, Jason Fitzpatrick, Paul McGill and Malik Dugan. They are excellent musicians in their respective fields, but magic happens when they come together.

We are thrilled to have discovered ‘Drown In A Rainbow’. It is an album that is filled with vivid colours and brilliant melodies. It is the reason why we hope the album never dies; it is a body of work that works as a whole. So turn the volume up and enjoy!

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