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Slime Lush
Slime Lush

Slime Lush – ‘Custom Slaughter’

Hailing from Boswell, the superb band Slime Lush have released the magnificent album ‘Custom Slaughter’. It is an alternative-rock release filled with a lot of heart.

‘Nixon Peace Fingers’ opens the release to a formidable groove that sets the scene as to what is to come. We enjoyed, ‘World War XIII’ evolves before the listener with addictive guitar riffs and charismatic vocals.

We adore ‘Creepy National Anthem’, which takes the album in a fresh direction. The advancing groove is infectious, and the catchy melodies in the chorus ring out.

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Also, ‘Whiskey King’ propels the album forward with layered instrumentation and riffs that stay with the listener long after the music has ended. Finally, ‘Quoting Nietzsche at a Party’ closes the release, and it will leave you reaching for the repeat button.


Guitarist Cole Smith says about the release, “Each member of the band has such different music tastes from each other, so it made for an interesting collaboration. As for me (Cole), I’m an ICU nurse, and during the pandemic making this music was the one outlet I had to cope with the everyday trauma I was experiencing.”

Band Members

Slime Lush are comprised of musicians Timmy Johnson – Bass and vocals, Cole Smith -guitar and vocals, Ryan Taylor – guitar and backup vocals, Joe pierce – guitar and Mike Pitts – drums. They are clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they come together.


The band cites their influences as coming from musicians such as The National, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, and Neil Young. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Custom Slaughter’, but make no mistake; Slime Lush is making music all of their own.

Slime Lush is an exciting and dynamic band with a significant career ahead of them. We can not wait to hear what they will do next!

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