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Snakedoctors – ‘Four And A Half’

Snakedoctors are a band hailing from Poland. They have released their fourth album, ‘Four And A Half’ in 2022 and it is a double album that you need to hear!

‘Crime Story’ opens the release with hard-hitting lyrics and a brooding groove. It is a compelling song that sets the scene for what is to come. ‘Friday Night’ follows and features layered instrumentation that fills the sonic spectrum with texture.

Stand out tracks include ‘Too Many’, ‘Love’ and ‘Wanna Fly’. They all feature Snakedoctor’s trademark sound and draw the listener in. In addition, we enjoyed ‘Heart too Small’; it has a punchy production that adds further colour to the piece.

We love the mix, production, and master of ‘Four And A Half’. Each of the 24 tracks shines in its own light, taking the listener on a journey into Snakedoctors world.

Double Album

‘Four And A Half’ is a double album split into two sides. The red side is side A and features new wave, dark wave and post-punk genres. The Black side is side B and features unadulterated grunge tracks. The juxtaposition of the two sides works well, and they come together to form a whole cohesive body of work.

Previous Work

Previously Snakedoctors has released the albums ‘Obligation’, ‘Joy Free Bowl’, and ‘Mellow Joy’. After hearing ‘Four And A Half’, we can not wait to check out the band’s back catalogue too!

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Fifth Album

We are so excited to see that Snakedoctors are gearing up to release their fifth album! Keep an eye on the band’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music!

Snakedoctors are a band who are hardworking and prolific. They are making a name for themselves in the alternative-rock world, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next.

Until then, ‘Four And A Half’ is available to stream from the link below. Enjoy today!

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