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Snows of Yesteryear – Mark Swaroop

Snows of Yesteryear – ‘Counting Stars’

Glasgow-based band Snows of Yesteryear are a folk group you need to know about this February. Their single ‘Counting Stars’ is a brilliant release that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

An enticing opening greets the listener before the vocals drop and take the reins of the song. We adore the relatable lyrics that draw the listener in and take us on a magical journey.

In addition, the magnetic melodies are captivating and stay with the audience long after the music has ended. Also, the wonderful string arrangement has been intelligently executed and lifts the single to a new level.

‘Counting Stars’ is a track that gently evolves before the audience. The stunning musicianship shines through. ‘Counting Stars’ is a single that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Band Members

Snows of Yesteryear are comprised of band members Kathryn Orr, David Mitchell and Yuuka Yamada-Garner. They are all talented musicians who complement one another’s playing beautifully.

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Composer Orr says about the release, “‘Counting Stars’, like any song, can mean different things to different people; for me, there’s a sense of anger in the face of loss that was key to the composition.” She continues, “I wanted to arrange the song to convey a growing sense of grief that becomes all-consuming.”


We are thrilled to see that Snows of Yesteryear have a debut album forthcoming. Recorded by Mattie Foulds (Karine Polwart, Eliza Carthy, Aidan O’Rourke, Kris Drever) at Castlesound Studios, it is due for release in May 2023. Follow the band’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.


We are thrilled to have discovered Snows of Yesteryear and highly anticipate what they will do next. They are breathing new life into the folk-pop genre, and we know 2023 will be a big year for them.

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