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SNY I Might‘I Might’ is the brilliant new single by the Australian hip-hop artist SNY. It has a laid-back party vibe and would be a fitting addition to any playlist!

‘I Might’ begins with gorgeous synths in the style of strings playing staccato rhythms. They set the tone of the song beautifully from the get-go. The snare is short and snappy, drawing your ear to it each time. We adored the bass, it has a thick vibrating quality to it. Blissful. The kick drum has a lively syncopated rhythm which is juxtaposed to the laid-back feel of the rest of the track. This creates layers of texture and interest for the listener.

The chorus is the first vocals we hear. They are repetitive and catchy in the most welcoming way! The lyrics feel free-flowing in the verse and they showcase what an exceptional talent SNY is. We hear the synths reappearing throughout the song, always complimenting the vocals and never intruding upon them. They feature as the star in the instrumentals and during the verses they vibe along in the background, intoxicating and warming.

Produced by Droyd (@droyddiddat), ‘I Might’ has a crisp and clear production. The instruments have been mixed extremely well, each has their own space in the mix and shine in their own way. The track would be suited in many different situations from house parties to super clubs. Its unique characteristics are unparalleled in music today and make for an extremely enjoyable listen.

SNY is truly innovating hip-hop for 2018. His natural style and ability are what set him apart from the crowd. The free-flowing melodies in his raps and perfect cadences make for a style all of his own. He is an exciting talent and is one to watch for the future.

We strongly advise checking out the video to this awesome track too. Available here: the video is the perfect accompaniment to a great song. Directed buy Benm/RC, the magnificent video is set in Rodeo Drive and has a young party vibe. There are scenes in a house party too and it is bound to get anyone in the mood for a night out!

With such a strong single and video from this exciting artist, we can not wait to see what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018



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