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Social Media Bios – Bands/Artists

Social Media Bios – Bands/Artists

Social media bios are the first place fans visit when they want to know more about you – first impressions count!

If visitors land on your page and see you are professional, well structured and worth investing their time on, they are far more likely to check out your music.

So it’s super important to ensure that the information in your bios are up to date, with your most important info and links sticking out like a sore thumb. 

What are you trying to achieve when someone looks at your bio? 

When someone first clicks on your bio, you want to give them more information about you and your music.

So you need to write copy that grabs their interest and makes them want to hear your tunes.

This goes hand in hand with having attention-demanding profile pictures that are clear and concise to what you do.

NOTE: As a blog, I see lots of bands and artists who direct me to their personal page rather than a professional one and this is a BIG FAT NO – don’t do that!

First impressions count and you need all of your blogs to look professional, eye catching and on brand.

With most social media bios, you have a small space to grab someone’s attention and encourage them to take action – use those precious characters wisely! For example:

  • Twitter – 160 characters max
  • Instagram 150 characters max
  • Tiktok – 80 characters max
  • Facebook – 101 characters max

The secret to good musician bios…

To make sure you are putting in the correct and most effective information into the small space available, we have a simple three-step formula we like to work to… 

  1. Who you are – Name of band/artist
  2. Your Mission – A bit about you/new release details/genre
  3. Call to action – Click to get/see/pre-save

Often, bios only allow for one URL, so choose your link wisely with the call to action!

The strategy above works really well as it is clear and concise. Have at look at the fvmusicblogs’s twitter bio below

FVMusicBlog Twitter Bio
FVMusicBlog Twitter Bio

It is clear what we do, what we offer and one URL call to action funnelling visitors to useful content.

Just one link?!?!?

With every social media bio for musicians, I recommend using (the free plan) in the URL section.

It saves space and gives visitors all the information they need about you in one place.

Your could include; 

  • Spotify pre-save link
  • Website 
  • Mailing List
  • Spotify page
  • Social media pages
  • Music videos

However, take your time to list your links in a hierarchy of importance. 

If you have a single/ep/album coming out, the top link should always be your pre-save link to help with the Spotify algorithm and, hopefully, get your music placed on some editorial playlists. 

You can use on the free plan, giving you one link that leads the visitor to where they have a choice of links. 

Also, you can design your to make it unique to you. So take some time making sure your design matches your theme and colours for your release/website/content strategy. 

Super handy free feature

One more super cool thing on is the analytics section which lets you see…

  • How many views you are getting
  • How many clicks
  • What your Click Through Rate (CTR) is
  • If you are earning revenue

All of this free information is invaluable to know how well your links are performing, which ones you should keep and which ones you should cut and replace.

REMEMBER: Your music is a brand. So the visuals/colours/fonts must always be the same throughout your music release campaign pages. They must match on every page from your to your website to your artwork – and look like they belong together. 

The last thing you want is to get someone to click on a link and then be confused, thinking, ‘this doesn’t look like the previous page – did I click on the right thing? Am I in the right place?’

A confused mind does not take action. They will just leave and checkout the next band/artist.

So, getting your brand consistent through all your pages will help you stand out and be recognisable and professional. 

Wrap up

I hope that helps when you are formulating your social media bios. They are a small space with a big impact, so strategically prepare your information, and you will be on the road to success!

I’d also recommend checking your bios periodically to make sure all of the information is up to date, and the links are working.  

Each new release campaign deserves a new look and feels, so remember to keep your pages feeling fresh!

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