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Solitary Friends - Delia Bush
Solitary Friends – Delia Bush

Solitary Friends – ‘Sum of More’

Hailing from Hollywood, Solitary Friends have released the excellent album, ‘Sum of More’. It is a garage-rock release that you need to hear this Summer.

‘Breathe Deep’ opens the release with an upbeat and energetic song that instantly draws the listener in. We adore the soulful vocals that fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour and the gorgeous guitar riffs that take the track in new directions.

‘My Friends’ is a stand-out song with unexpected chordal progressions and a formidable groove. In addition, we enjoyed the title track, ‘Sum of More’. It is an intelligently composed song with an unpredictable nature and compelling melodies.

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Moreover, ‘Disconnected’ hears a groove-laden extravaganza that explodes into the audience’s ears. Finally, ‘X-Offender’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.


Solitary Friends say about their album release, “We are so excited for the release of our newest album, ‘Sum of More’. For those new to our music, Solitary Friends is the perfect match for any fans of Blondie, PJ Harvey, and the darker side of pop.” They continue, “We have an in-your-face rock-n-roll sound combined with ear-wormy and catchy melodies that beg for dancing.”

Band Members

Solitary Friends comprises of band members Ken LaMere, Nick Liberatore, Michelle McGregor and Doug Petty. It is clear that they are all excellent musicians in their own right, but when they play together, magic happens.


We are thrilled to have discovered this exciting and dynamic powerhouse of a band. They make music that gets the audience on their feet and sets toes tapping.

Make sure you add ‘Sum of More’ to your new music playlist this week. Solitary Friends are a band who are here to stay, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next. Until then, ”Sum of More’ is available from the link below. Enjoy!

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