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songs-for-introverts-cover.pngSomedays in the office we come across a truly special artist/album and today has most certainly been one of those!

We have had the pure privilege to review Mr Jack’s latest album will be released on 11/11/18 and is entitled, ‘Songs for Introverts’. This 10 track album filled us with joy, happiness, and music to feed the soul from beginning to end.

It opens with the track ‘A Star-Shaped House’ which is an instrumental with gorgeous guitars, filled with reverb and being driven with the rhythm hand. The piano adds depth and the drums are snare heavy, with a loose feel that draws the piece to a jazz genre. The main theme dances in and out with the piano picking out accented notes before the stunning middle eight (which has a divine chordal semitone run down) leading back into the main theme again.

‘A Typical Morning’ is guitar heavy with layers of effects before the rich vocals kick in. This is the first time we hear Mr Jack sing and his vocals are rich, settling and soulful. The vocals remind us of John Mayer, his phrasing is seamless and delivery hits the mark every time. 

We also adored, ‘Easy Monday’. It is an instrumental jam opening with a funky staccato rhythm followed by layers of grooves. It has a Caribbean beach feel and a sense of peace and well being overcame us while listening. It is in a major key which sets the joyful tone and there are constant elements moving in and out with instruments being panned to different sides. There is a lot going on but everything works together in perfect harmony.

We believe, ‘Waiting On You’ is one of the strongest songs (this is debatable given the high standard of music throughout) on the album. It is relatable in nature with vocals that come straight in, packing a punch from the beginning. There are alluring keys to be enjoyed, funk grooves and lyrics which hit hard. Magical. 

It would be unfair to try to categorise ‘Songs For Introverts’ into just one genre. There are elements of smooth Jazz, catchy Pop and Soulful instrumental performances galore. All of these culminate into a sound which can only be described as Mr Jacks’ signature sound. All of the tracks end on a fade, each time leaving the listener wanting more. 

We do not say this lightly but, ’Songs For Introverts’ is comparable to Steely Dan in so many ways. From its rich filled grooves to sleek piano licks, to funky guitar riffs galore, this album is full of hard work and talent in abundance. However, Mr Jack makes every note feel effortless. 

We have only scratched the surface of what a brilliant album ‘Songs For Introverts’ is. It has to be heard to be appreciated fully, so check it out today!

Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018

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