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Spirit Gun – ‘The Antonym’

Hailing from Norfolk, VA, Spirit Gun are a band that you need to know about. Their EP, ‘The Antonym,’ is an alternative-rock release that strikes at the hearts of its listeners.

‘9:30’ opens the release and sets the scene wonderfully as to what is to come. The charismatic vocals ring out and draw the listener in. In addition, the title track, ‘The Antonym,’ is a driving rock song with relatable lyrics and excellent, driving musicianship.

Moreover, ‘No Reverse’ hears a stoic beat, textured guitars and memorable melodies. Finally, ‘Shorty Red’ closes the release, and it is a stand-out song. Magnificent guitar solos ring out, while the melodic bass and stunning rhythm section fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

One thing is for sure, ‘The Antonym’ is an EP that needs to be heard!


Spirit Gun say about the release, “This EP is about our friend Jeff Hewitt. We lost him too soon. He was a true artist who constantly pushed himself.” They continue, “Jeff was a champion of our city, music, community, arts, and us. We miss him and wrote ‘The Antonym’ to honor him. This collection of songs is about our city, life, loss, and looking back.”

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Band Members

Spirit Gun comprises of band members Pete Overstreet – Vocal/Guitar, Oren Lev – Drums/Vocal, and Tony Burgess – Bass/Vocal. They are clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.

Spirit Gun recorded this superb EP at their studio, The I3. Subsequently, it was finalised by Chris Kendrick at Whiskey Bear studios. Together the team have crafted an EP that stands out from the crowd and sets Spirit Gun as a band to watch this Spring.

We are thrilled to have heard ‘The Antonym’ and can not recommend it highly enough. We can not wait to hear what Spirit Gun will do next!

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