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Joel Leffler is an Australian based musician whose latest EP ‘Strip Me Bare’ was released in April 2018 and is one not be be missed this summer. 

The 6 track EP is a blinding collection of songs documenting relatable topics such a love in all it’s forms. Documenting heartbreak and social commentary on present status, regardless of age ‘Strip Me Bare’ has something for everyone. 

The opening track, ‘Speed of Light’ is an upbeat and catchy start to the stunning EP which is reflective of the piece of work as a whole. The staccato rhythms, funk style guitars and electronic claps have all been written and mixed to be contemporary for 2018. they carry weight in their modernised, innovative and fresh approach. The middle eight feels as though it has been written around the kick drum which is the heart beat of the track. The lyrics are sung rapped which give a nod to Ed Sheeran in style and taste.

The title track ‘Strip Me Bare’ features a wonderful guest vocalist by Melissa-Jane. The two voices work in harmony beautifully creating an ear worm of a song which reminds us of the Scissor Sisters. Leffler’s voice in particular is reminiscent if Jake Shears. ‘In My Sights’ is again heavily electronic with the addition of smooth Santana like guitar breaks. The build to the chorus adds texture and interest to a pop masterpiece. ‘Fuse’ would not have been out of place on Maroon 5’s first album ‘Songs about Jane’. ‘April Fools’ and ‘Auburn Hair’ are the two closing track and are not as pop catchy as the start of the EP. They bring a depth and thoughful, intricate layer to a fully rounded EP.

‘Strip Me Bare’ has been cohesively mixed between electronic virtual instruments and physical guitars. There are little enhancements used on the vocals and with good reason – there doe not need to be. Leffler’s voice us smooth, enchanting and welcoming. The EP has been mixed, produced and mastered by Sony Music Australia’s brilliant in-house engineer Peter Holz. 

Without doubt ‘Strip Me Bare’ is going to be a worthy soundtrack to many a summer. With it’s catchy tunes and warm melodies we recommend if the sun is out, put this EP on!

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