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Stumble Day – ‘Stumble Day’

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Hailing from Oakland, CA, Stumble Day are an alternative rock band. Their latest self-titled EP is an incredible collection of songs and a thoroughly addictive listen. 

‘Doldrum Blues’ opens the release with an instantly likeable charm. A full band sound provides stoic support for the relatable lyrics and attractive vocals. We loved the expressive horns and superb guitar work, thoroughly captivating.

‘Enough’ has a compelling beginning and evolves into a layered and staccato anthem. We adored ‘Everybody’s Cryin’; it is a masterclass in composition. The chordal progressions are intelligent and unpredictable, making Stumble Day stand out from the crowd.

‘My Man’ and ‘Warning’ both have the trademark Stumble Day sound. They are filled with excellent musicianship and captivating rhythms and melodies. Stumble Day are all excellent musicians individually. When they come together, magic happens. 

Stumble Day say, “The eponymous debut EP set for release in April has been pieced together over the past two years as members of the band have travelled the world gigging and adventuring with various projects. Now we are all living in the Bay again, we’ve been gaining a local foothold and are ready to present our first offering.”

The band are comprised of lifelong friends Noaa Rienecker (guitar, piano, vocals) and Jason Hallyburton (bass). They grew up throwing shows in the DIY punk scene, while Dillon Vado (drums) and Justin Rock (guitar, vocals) refined their chops playing jazz in Detroit, New York, and the Bay Area. 

This latest release is a unique collection of songs which are destined to please existing Stumble Day fans and win them an army of new ones too. So make sure to check out ‘Stumble Day’. It is a brilliant release from a superb band with a bright future. 

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