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Talia Grace – ‘St. Louis’

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Hailing from Austin, TX, musician Talia Grace has released her superb latest single ‘St. Louis’, in May 2020.

 ‘St. Louis’ opens with an upbeat and driving vibe. The stoic kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the song. We love Grace’s voice; it is filled with a beautiful tone and vibrant colour. Also, Grace’s range is sublime and on full show. The lyrics have a melancholy to them, which is a wonderful juxtaposition to the upbeat nature of the music. We found the chorus to be thoroughly addictive, and it is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Grace says, “‘St. Louis’ is a universal story of unrequited love, of trying to beat the odds to no avail, of heartbreak and resignation. All of my songs feel like true tellings of deeply human narratives.” She continues, “Those who listen to my music feel something, and sometimes, they see themselves in my words. The greatest gift that music can provide is the ability to understand oneself better, and that is the gift that I seek to give in every song that I compose.”

Talia Grace – ‘St. Louis’

Grace cites her influences as artists such as Noah Gundersen, Phoebe Bridgers, Daughter, Bon Iver, Penny & Sparrow, Sleeping At Last, as well as great songwriters like Don McLean, Bill Withers, and Joni Mitchell. We can hear some of these coming through in ‘St. Louis’ but make no mistake; Grace is making music all of her own. 

‘St. Louis’ was recorded in a home studio in Austin, TX by St. Louis native Taylor J. Webb and mastered by Bob Boyd of Ambient Digital. Together they have done an excellent job in making ‘St. Louis’ stand out as a classic in the making.

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