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TAYCE - Abbie Krider
TAYCE – Abbie Krider

TAYCE – ‘Nothing Better’

Chicago-based artist TAYCE released the magnificent album ‘Nothing Better’ in June 2022. It is a dream-pop release that sets TAYCE as one of the leading players in the genre. 

‘Why It’s Ending’ opens the release. A joyful piano welcomes the audience in before the beat drops, and the dream-pop feel establishes itself. TAYCE’s soulful and smokey vocals fill the sonic spectrum with vivid, luscious colours. 

‘Truth or Dare’ is a stand-out song. Complete with a funky bass, stoic rhythm section and intelligent chordal progressions, it is a song with a big heart. 

In addition, ‘Let Me Be Alone’ takes the single in a new direction keeping the audience on their toes. With heartfelt vocals and swirling instrumentation, it is a beautiful song. Finally, ‘Tldr’ closes the release, and it will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 


TAYCE says about this release, “As an emerging artist, this album offers a fresh sound and perspective that both explores and strays from the typical expectations of an Indie/Pop artist.”

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She continues, “With all instruments and vocals being entirely written, recorded, and performed by myself, (with the exception of the drums and a lone keys track) ‘Nothing Better’ is truly a window into an unfiltered, 21-year-old perception of living, being, and trying.”


TAYCE is an up-and-coming talent who is finding her way with this latest release. She can reach out and connect with her audience, which is a big part of her appeal. She is a multitalented artist who is making waves this Summer.


So make a note of the name TAYCE. This might be the first time you have heard it, but we are sure it will not be the last!

‘Nothing Better’ is available to stream today from the link below. So make sure you add it to your weekday playlist; you will not be disappointed!

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