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Arto Arvilahti
Arto Arvilahti

Tears Apart – ‘LOVE’

Hailing from Finland, the magnificent band Tears Apart has released the spellbinding album ‘LOVE’. It is an acoustic-rock release that leads the genre forward in 2022.

‘Sea of Sin’ opens the release and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We adore the guitar riffs, soulful vocals and alluring vibe.

‘Wanna Stay’ is a stand out track. The addictive melodies, stoic rhythm section and funky guitars fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. In addition, ‘Alive’ is a track that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. The staccato nature of the song demands the listener’s attention while the lyrics are deeply relatable.

‘Stronger’ takes the album in a fresh direction. It is a darker and brooding track that has an attractive attitude. Finally, ‘So Beautiful’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!


The Band say about the release, “‘LOVE is a collection of 10 songs drawing a portrait of day-to-day life in all its colours and shapes. The first single ‘Stronger’, an emotional and empowering track, was released in March 2020 – on the first day of Finland ́s lockdown.”

The big draw when listening to ‘LOVE’ is just how relatable each song is. The album offers hope to the listener and empathises with their struggles and pain.

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Band Members

Tears Apart are comprised of band members, Lotta Svartsjö, Mikko Mäki, Raine Hynninen, Rami Saarinen and Jani Lankinen. They are all excellent musicians in their respective fields and have worked on numerous projects separately. However, when they come together, magic is created, and ‘LOVE’ is a prime example of this.

A Band Here To Stay

Tears Apart are a band that released their debut album in 2014. After hearing ‘LOVE’, we can not wait to check out the previous release too. One thing is for sure; Tears Apart are a band who are here to stay. We look forward to hear what they will do next!

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