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ThingFieldRBGSome days we come across a track that is so hauntingly beautiful we just want to tell everyone about it. Today is one of those days. ‘Tell Me I Matter’ is the latest stunning release from Cullen King AKA Point Blank Society. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Point Blank Society are releasing ‘Tell Me I Matter’ on 17th August 2018. Upon reading the title, ‘Tell Me I Matter’ we assumed the track would be a dark, heartbreaking piece but our feelings ran much deeper once we started listening.

It begins with an electronic synth vocal opening. As the electronic beat builds, so does the mood and anticipation of what is to come. The lead vocals open with heavy effects on them, these slowly dissipate with the first few lines of lyrics, leaving the listener with the feeling of the vocals being born from a cocoon before your ears.  

Instrumentation wise, there are many electronic instruments to be heard which create the foundations to support the beautifully pure vocals. These gorgeously smooth, even toned  and relatable vocals let the lyrics shine as a the star of the piece. Point Balnk Society’s vocals remind us of a mature Brendon Urie – Panic! At the Disco’s lead vocalist. The mix and production is first class not he single too, the bass can be felt through your chest, the mids highlight wonderful tones and the highs sprinkle magic over the top. 

Lyrically, ’Tell Me I Matter’ is filled with rich imagery and content. We adored the lyric ‘Bend me over backwards, my spine is giving out.’ This uncomfortable and dark picture, has stayed with us all day, as any good music does. The song is very relatable. It is dim in hope, haunting and enticing nature which draws the listener in and fills their soul with its  dark charisma and charm. 

Throughout, the track is always interesting and unpredictable both musically and lyrically. Both take twists and turns which are not expected and keep the listener fully engaged in it’s own unique and rich tapestry.

We must mention the stunning artwork which accompanies this beautiful release. It fits the mood of the song perfectly. It is abstract, leaves enough room for thoughtful intrigue and space for interpretation like any great piece of art would. 

If you haven’t heard of Point Blank Society before, take note now because it will be a name you will be hearing a lot about in the future. We can’t wait to see how this brilliant artist develops. 

Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018


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