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The Astronomers
The Astronomers

The Astronomers – ‘Like the Holidays’

Hailing from Fond du Lac, The Astronomers have released the excellent single ‘Like the Holidays’. It is an alternative-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this Summer!

A bright, staccato, vibrant opening greets the listener before the charismatic vocals take the reins of the song. We adore the relatable lyrics that reach out and touch the listener.

The chorus is catchy with memorable melodies that fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. Also, the layered vocals are addictive with joyous overtones. The Astronomers will have you singing along in no time.

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In addition, the mix, warm production and mastering have all been executed perfectly and add further layers of depth to the single. Moreover the sample spoken word sections have been mixed brilliantly.

Band Members

The Astronomers are comprised of band members Ben Baker and Michael Stensland. They are excellent musicians in their respective fields, but magic happens when they come together!


Band member Michael Stensland says about the release, “‘Like the Holidays’ is about living every day with the imagination that it is a holiday. Ben and I always would get so excited for holidays such as Christmas, 4th of July, etc… because it was always something to look forward to.”

He continues, “This song will take you through a journey of little problems that are not meant to be worried about but otherwise to let happen. Enjoy the time you have and live every day like the holidays.”


We are so thrilled to have discovered ‘Like the Holidays’. The Astronomers are a driving and dynamic band making music that needs to be heard. We love their innovative sound and their passion for creating awesome music.

So make sure that you add ‘Like the Holidays’ to your new music playlist this week; you will not be disappointed!

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