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The Bid are a phenomenal new band based in Warrington, UK. Their debut single ‘Don’t Wait’ is a toe-tapping, Folk/Pop/Americana record which had us hooked from the get-go. Fronted by Joe Hatton, The Bid are most certainly set for big things.

‘Don’t Wait’ opens with an upbeat feel. First, we hear guitars, drums, bass, claps, and catchy vocals. The guitar riffs are played in different styles, some palm muted and some not but all become recognisable to The Bid’s signature sound. The vocals have clever cadences making them catchy and relatable. The harmonies on the chorus are striking and add layers of texture and depth. All of these things make for The Bid to become an unstoppable force.

We adored the addition of the minor chords in the instrumental, they add yet another layer of texture. They create an impactful vulnerability to the piece, reflective of modern life. We can feel influences from The Beatles, The Smiths and The Strokes shining through but do not mistake, The Bid makes for a sound all of their own.

The Bid describes their single ‘Don’t Wait’ as “One in a series of songs to be released which documents the beauty and sadness of life as part of the working class in the northwest today.” Upon first listen, we did not feel the sadness part of the record. It feels bouncy and upbeat in nature which oozes charm from the beginning. As we listened to it over and over, the layers of depth and complexity became apparent. Extremely clever in composition, The Bid has managed to create an ear-catching melody with depth and purpose as one delves deeper. This is exactly what is missing in mainstream music today: Substance. The Bid has it in abundance and this is what will make them a big hit in 2019.

If you’d like to catch The Bid live, they have a mini UK Tour  to support the ‘Don’t Wait’ release and the dates are as follows:

Night & Day Café, Manchester (04/12/19)

FatBird – Wigan (11/01/19) 

The Salty Dog – Northwich (18/12/19) 

West Street Live – Sheffield (07/01/19) 

Verve – Leeds (19/01/19)

The Castle Hotel Manchester (21/01/19) 

The Auction Rooms – Warrington (26/01/19)

Dublin Castle – London (08/02/19)

With a single as strong as ‘Don’t Wait’ we can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting talent. Until then, kick those January blues and get out to see this inspiring new band in 2019!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2019




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