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The Empty Pages – ‘The Wanderer’

‘The Wanderer’ is the superb new album release by Stamford based band, The Empty Pages. Filled with impressive vocal performances, luscious harmonies, and excellent musical performances, they have created a magnificent piece of art.

The title track, ‘The Wanderer,’ opens the album. It sets the Americana tone, and vocals, guitar, and bass greet the listener immediately. Dynamic drums enter, and the catchy and joyous feel is infectious.

We loved the songs, ‘Stone Girl Mary’, for its in-depth storytelling and stunning harmonies. ‘New York Queen’ has a genuine and honest vocal quality to it. ‘When the Cold Wind Blows’ features big harmonies that are perfectly executed and divine to listen to.

Our favourite song is ‘The Day the Sun Stands Still.’ From the grand piano opening to the electric guitar solo in the end, it has been arranged wonderfully. The vocals are again warm and inviting. The melodies flow and dance around the piece too. We loved the chordal changes that feature changes from major to minor and the use of unexpected 7th chords lift and give the piece texture. The use of a cello also provides vibrant colour to the piece.

Comprised of band members, Kieran Wade, and Fredo Miceli. The Empty Pages are seasoned and brilliant musicians. They have honed their sound, and as soon as a song begins, it is instantly identifiable as their own. We adored the production on the release too. It is warm and clean, with a welcoming depth of tone, and each of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix.

So make sure you check out this divine album this weekend. It is a classic in the making; you will not be disappointed!

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