The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio – ‘Sleigh Ride’

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The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio – ‘Sleigh Ride’

Hailing from Fort Worth, The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio has released a formidable cover of ‘Sleigh Ride’. This festive release will get you in the Christmas mood this weekend!

Instantly ‘Sleigh Ride’ captures the listener’s attention. The sonic spectrum is injected with vivid colour as the piano, bass, and drums ring out. In addition, we adore the jazz swing that carries the song along, giving a joyful bounce to the piece.

Moreover, the melodic bass gently underpins the festive piano melodies, while the stoic drums provide the perfect foundation for the luscious themes to shine.

As the track progresses, the listener is taken by the hand on an ear-catching journey. ‘Sleigh Ride’ was recorded in one take, and the infectious live nature is captured perfectly.

Drums at zZounds

Darryl Girard

In addition, ‘Sleigh Ride’ was recorded at Chanson Studios in Trophy Club, Texas, by Darryl Girard. Together, the team have crafted a warm and inviting release with stunning performances and an addictive vibe.


The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio say about the release, “We wanted to record an album that features the music that we tend to play during our frequent Christmas performances.”

They continue, “Our holiday repertoire typically includes jazz treatments of Christmas music not typically performed in a jazz style, including traditional music, gospel, and folk.”

Band Members

The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio comprises of band members Frank Hailey (piano), Michael Hailey (drums), and Eric Zukoski (upright bass). They are a brilliant set of musicians who are masters in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.

We can not recommend ‘Sleigh Ride’ highly enough. It is a classic version of a much-loved song, and we know we will be returning to this release year after year.

So add ‘Sleigh Ride’ to your Christmas playlist this week, you will not be disappointed!

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