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THE HYBRIS – ‘Keep The Wolves Away’

Hailing from Cologne, Nice and L.A, THE HYBRIS are a superb band who have released the alternative-rock single, ‘Keep The Wolves Away’, this Winter 2022. 

An enticing opening greets the listener. We adore the main guitar riff that is memorable and stays with the audience long after the music has ended. Moreover, the stoic rhythm section lays the solid foundation for the charismatic vocals to enter. 

In addition, the vocals are layered and build great authority within the piece. They are filled with texture and inject the single with vivid colour. 

Also, the chorus is catchy and feels like an old friend returning every time it comes around. The lyrics are intriguing, and they will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Keep The Wolves Away’ is an exciting single that needs to be heard!

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In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of ‘Keep The Wolves Away’. Every part of the intelligent instrumentation has its own space in the production and shines bright. 


THE HYBRIS say about the release, “The song is about the effects of war on its victims in general, one of the most serious political crises of recent decades in particular, and the dangers it poses to the entire planet.”


There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. THE HYBRIS describe it as ‘a dark and grotesque comic-style video’ and it is the perfect accompaniment to the release. Check it out from the link below. 


We are thrilled to have heard ‘Keep The Wolves Away’. It is a brilliant track that features excellent musicianship and a stunning vibe. THE HYBRIS are a band who are exciting and dynamic. We can not wait to hear what they will do in 2023. 

Until then, ‘Keep The Wolves Away’ is available to stream from the link below. Check it out today!

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