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The Loud Bangs – Kim Withers

The Loud Bangs – ‘Salvation Memorial Hospital’

The magnificent Los Angeles-based band The Loud Bangs are back with their stunning EP ‘Salvation Memorial Hospital’.

‘Spectral Field’ opens the release to an atmospheric and infectious beginning. We adore the charismatic vocals and evolving instrumentation that draws the listener in.

In addition, ‘Late Day Magnets’ is a standout song that takes the EP in a fresh direction. The intelligent chordal progressions underpin the dreamy vocals and catchy melodies. Also, ‘Candy Sometimes Always’ is an upbeat and addictive song with big single potential.

Moreover, ‘Future Bruises’ features compelling samples, punchy percussion and intriguing layered vocals. Finally, ‘Playboy Tattoo’ closes the release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.


Band Member Alice Street says about the release, “Originally, I wanted to do something happier. Not sure the last two EPs are happy, per se, but I guess they’re a little more about romance than the early three, which were about my being anxious and depressed. So, my biggest influence is having some puppy love in my life and not feeling so alone. But still freaking out about that, too.” Read our full interview with Alice here.

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Band Members

The Loud Bangs comprise of band members Alice Street – Vox, Guitar, Daisy Gutierrez – Vox, Guitar, Keyboards, Hannah Remley – Bass and Marcus Nemuro – Drums. They are an energetic and hard-hitting band that needs to be heard this January 2023.

Darren Callahan

‘Salvation Memorial Hospital’ has been masterfully produced by Darren Callahan. We adore the mix, master and production of this EP. Every part of the layered and varied instrumentation has a home in the mix and shines bright.

What Comes Next

The Loud Bangs only formed in the Summer of 2021, yet their sound is tight and cohesive, as you would expect from a much more mature band. However, they are a group that goes from strength to strength, and we look forward to hearing what they will do next. One thing is for sure; it is destined to be thoroughly exhilarating.

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