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The Margaret Hooligans – ‘Turntable Tribulations’

Hailing from Bala Cynwyd, The Margaret Hooligans have released the addictive album ‘Turntable Tribulations’. It is a garage-rock release that you need to hear this Autumn.

‘Oh Lord, Hit It’ opens the release, and the intense rock vibe is established from the get-go. Next, ‘Good Morning Micro Man’ is a staccato song with a punchy rhythm section and thought-provoking lyrics.

In addition, ‘Fat Tongue’ is a stand-out song with double-tracked vocals, intriguing percussion and memorable melodies. Also, ‘Pete and Roger’ is a classic rock song in the making. The soulful vocals are underpinned by a stoic rhythm section and gorgeous guitars.

Moreover, ‘I’ve Got Something to Say’ is an excellent track that fills the sonic spectrum with luscious colour. The duelling vocals complement each other and have the listener entranced. Finally, ‘Psycho Diapers’ closes the release, and it will have you reaching for the repeat button.

The Margaret Hooligans say about the release, “These songs were also written and recorded during the pandemic, but were recorded later, and feature clean recordings and tight production while retaining the chaotic sloppiness that is the band’s signature style.”

Drums at zZounds

Piety Street Publishing/Smallfish Recordings

‘Turntable Tribulations’ was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings, and was produced by Mr. Strontium. Together, the team has done an excellent job creating an album that will stand the test of time.

Keyboards at zZounds


In addition, digital and physical CD pre-orders are currently available from The Margaret Hooligans website and Bandcamp. Make sure you follow the band’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.

Second Album

‘Turntable Tribulations’ is The Margaret Hooligans’s second album, and we recommend checking out their back catalogue too. They are a band continually pushing forward, making new and exciting music that is, in equal parts, authentic and addictive.

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