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The Mezcaltones describe themselves as “Tex Max Tarantino Rock” and we whole heartedly agree. The Sydney based band have released their album ‘The Mezcaltones Second’ and it is simply wonderful.

The opening track is an instrumental song with nods to the ‘Rawhide’ theme. It is fun and sets the scene for what is to come. ‘I Know my Rider’ is the second and a standout song. The vocals feel rocky and the backing vocals produce layers of enjoyment and interest. There is also an addition of a tambourine here, adding a toe tapping quality.

‘Humble Pride’ is yet another stand out track. We hear a Hank Marvin style guitar producing warm and catchy riffs. The bass and drums are true partners in crime on this song. You can hear them feeding off one another, driving each other along and providing the backbone for the rest of the magical instrumentation. ‘Short Change Hero’ has gorgeous harmonies at the beginning and the female vocals really shine through. The male vocals remind us of Nick Cave – never a bad thing! We also loved the closing track ‘Let love Reign’ for the drums and the use of the toms producing a backbone rhythm in an interesting way.

Throughout the bass, drums and guitars drive the songs along. The guitars offer separate parts always complimenting each other and the solos are divine. The vocals are full of character, both lead and backing and the composition and arrangements of the songs are beatific. Finally, the mix, production and mastering is brilliant. We felt the overall sound is full, spacious and ticks all of the tones you would want to hear. 

The Mezcaltones are comprised of; Col Porter, Neralyn Porter, Dan Mauger, Luke Orhan, Shane Craney and Melinda Nassif and each band member are excellent musicians in their own right. They are very tight when playing together and you can feel the positives vibes between the players. Their musicianship is an extremely high standard and this is what makes the Mezcaltones stand out from the crowd. 

The overall feel of the album is fun and upbeat. During our research we visited The Mezcaltones’ website and saw a video of the track ‘Humble Pride’, it is fun and upbeat to match the music but also carries a deeper message showing another side to this versatile band. We do not wish to carry spoilers so, to see what we mean please check out the video yourselves, it is well worth doing!

Their Facebook states their influences to be ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Once Upon A Time in Mexico’, and ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’. The Tarantino feel can be heard on ‘The Mezcaltones Second’. It can also be seen in the brilliant album artwork which accompanies the release. 

One thing is for sure, The Mezcaltones are an extremely exciting band. Check out this wonderful album today!

Reviewed by FVReviews July 2018

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