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‘The Misses’ is the new album by the brilliant Joshua Ketchmark. Released on 30th March 2018 it’s sweet melodies, stunning harmonies and honey guitar riffs all make for sublime listening. 

Originally from Peroia, illinois, Ketchmark moved to Nashville, Tennessee after High School. You can hear this historic region laced into the fabric of the terrific songs of this album.

‘The Misses’ tracks the story of a young adult finding their way in the world in a previous age. It talk of Record Stores, 1988 and Dancehalls all give it a positive, sensitive and a reminiscent feel of a much loved time. It feels like the sound track to Ketchmark’s life that could easily be yours or mine too.

The stand out tracks for us are hard to choose because they are all of a high standard. At a push, we would have to go for: ‘Cold Feet’ as it is rocky and hooky. It will get stuck in your head like an old welcoming friend. ‘Make No apologies’ the sparse instrumentation on the verses let the vocal performance shine, then the heavy guitars and sweet harmonies lift the track to the next level. ‘Those Were the Days’ ties the whole album up as a complete piece beautifully. It is slower in tempo and has a beautiful guitar solo which sums up the ‘the Misses’ perfectly

‘The Misses’ has an upbeat feel. It is genre mixing in it’s approach covering, Pop, Rock and Country at it’s heart. The excellent musicianship and songwriting craft shines through, especially in the harmonies and guitar riffs. It reminds us very much of The Remembrants, Bon Jovi, Muse and Ryan Adams.

All of the tracks are under 4 minutes and the majority being under 3. This keeps the album feeling light and fresh. Ketchmark had done a wonderful job of writing in a style that any one of the ten tracks could be a single. The are all ready for radio and would be perfect to get ready to on a night out to.

If you get chance once you have heard this album, stop by Ketchmark’s website, his biography certainly makes for compelling reading!

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