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The Nighthawk Experience
The Nighthawk Experience

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The Nighthawk Experience – ‘Current Lies’

The Nighthawk Experience is a brand new animated musical journey, which takes the listener on an adventure. Their debut EP ‘Current Lies’ is simply magical. 

Firstly ,the opening ‘Prologue’ is an atmospheric and moving beginning. Secondly, the title track ‘Current Lies’ has an acoustic and gentle beginning until a full and moving band sound kicks in. The vocals fill the sonic spectrum with heart and atmospheric tone. We love the lyrics which tell a compelling story set to addictive melodies. 

In addition, ‘Human Nature’ is upbeat and joyous from the opening notes. The gorgeous harmonies shine through, and marching drums offer texture within the piece. Moreover, ‘Growing to Be Us’ has an honest and genuine quality to it while ‘Whose Entitlement’ has a heavier and rockier sound. It is an exciting ending that leaves the listener wanting more. 

The band say, “The story of The Nighthawk Experience follows two different character’s named Kage and Yume. Kage is a 17-year-old boy who feels nihilistic about the world and is trying to find meaning and purpose. Yume is a 17 years old girl, who has had her life laid out for her by everyone around her, but then it gets turned upside down, and now she needs to make sense of it. The Nighthawk Experience has a lot more content coming with a single release and another EP in the works.”

Based in New Zealand, The Nighthawk Experience’s unique sound and vision need to be witnessed to be fully appreciated. We are so excited to hear what the band will do next. In conclusion, they are an exciting group who have a big future, and we look forward to hearing what will follow this intoxicating release.

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