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5acd7324-2588-47c1-b62f-cd5c99ccadb2The Swisher Club are releasing their latest EP on 2/2/19 and we have been lucky enough to hear it ahead of its official release. It is a melting pop of hip-hop with elements of R&B and soul mixed in. The soul comes from the heart in the raps and this duo makes for a sound which is unmistakably their own.

Comprised of artists GP and ~A, The Swisher Club have an EP which is far-reaching in its appeal. Laid back in tone, this EP is filled with honesty, integrity and heart at its core. During its 10 tracks, many relatable topics are covered: money, women, and, drugs. This makes it’s appeal stretch far and wide.

Our favourite tracks include, ‘2 cold’ for the magnificent synths, syncopated kick drum and a divine rap which effortlessly flows from GP’s lips. ‘C thru’ is another killer tune. The kick drum is phat and resonates throughout the song. The lyrics are repetitive in a pleasing way, they will have you humming along in no time. The effects on the vocals add depth and colour to the piece too.

We adored the track, ‘Still Broke’, it is laid back in nature with an infectious beat and rhythms. The vocals have a delay on them which add emphasis to the cleverly constructed lyrics. There is also an instrumental in this track which leaves space for reflection.

The beat production on the EP has been provided solely by ~A. On each track, the beat captures the integrity of the song well. It is not merely just an accompaniment to the rap but it stands shoulder to shoulder with it as they compliment each other. Each element of the beat has been mixed well and has it’s own space in the mix.

GP’s rap performances hit the mark every time. They always feel effortless and well executed making for a style which is all his own. His cadences flow well and there are clever and descriptive verses which demonstrate the talent he possesses.

Each of the tracks are relatively short in time with the longest coming in at 2 minutes 52 seconds. However short, they always leave a big impact.

There is no doubt this EP will be big in 2019, so ride the crest of the inevitable wave today and make 2/2/19 a date for your diary.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

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