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Thexele – ‘Music From The Soul’

Hailing from Melbourne, Thexele has released the must-hear album ‘Music From The Soul’. It is a lo-fi-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this spring. 

‘Sunrise Time’ opens the release and instantly charms the listener. We adore the gorgeous arrangement, upbeat lyrics and ever-evolving sound. In addition, ‘Inspirational Way’ is a standout song. A superb piano rings out and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. 

Moreover, ‘Lunar Tenderness’ takes the album in a fresh direction. It is a track that gently swims into the sonic spectrum with inviting melodies and excellent musicianship. 

Also, ‘Fading’ features mysterious melodies and intelligent chordal progressions. Finally, ‘Revive the Planet’ closes the release and leaves the audience wanting more!

‘Music From The Soul’ is a wonderful self-produced album, and Thexele has done a fantastic job creating a piece of art that welcomes the audience and holds our attention effortlessly. 


Thexele says about the release, “This music is valuable to me, and I hope it will win the hearts of the listeners. Having gained new professional experience, I was able to revise the mixing and mastering of the tracks, add new touches to the arrangements, and, in some compositions, significantly improve the production and add my own vocals and backing vocals.”

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70,000 Streams

Thexele’s debut self-produced single ‘Forget Our Love’ has amassed over 70,000 streams, and after hearing ‘Music From The Soul’, we can not wait to listen to Thexele’s back catalogue too!

Exciting Artist 

We are thrilled to have heard ‘Music From The Soul’ and can not recommend Thexele highly enough. She is an exciting and dynamic artist making compelling music that stands above the crowd.

‘Music From The Soul’ is available from the player below. Enjoy today!

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