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Top #5 Bandcamp Merch Features

It is a well-known fact that people love to buy items associated with things they like. And music is no different. 

For decades there have been merch stalls at gigs that significantly add to the take-home money for artists. 

So it 100% makes sense for you to sell your merch alongside your music and Bandcamp provides the perfect online space to do this.

But why choose to sell your merch on Bandcamp?

Fans love to buy physical media, so by selling vinyl, cassettes, and t-shirts, you are giving music lovers what they want.

And by offering merch on the platform, you are only a few clicks away from double, tripling or even 10X your initial sale price.

You can include a digital album or track with any physical item on Bandcamp, so that when a fan purchases, say, your vinyl, they get instant streaming via the app, as well as an optional high-quality download. Pretty cool.

In addition, by having your music and merch on Bandcamp you already have an audience ready and waiting to discover you. Their ‘discover’ features are second to none.

And Bandcamp makes for the perfect platform to seamlessly sell music and merch alongside one another. Easy, quick and lucrative – perfect.

Bandcamp says, “Vinyl sales are up 438% in the past five years, cassettes 232%, and t-shirts 250%. To date, fans have purchased 22.3 million merch items through Bandcamp, totalling $394 million.” 

That’s a lot of merch.

I want it to be YOUR merch making YOU money.

Let’s take a deeper dive and see why Bandcamp are the perfect fit to host your new designs.

#5 Awesome Bandcamp Merch Features

These are my top 5 Bandcamp merch features you need to know about.

(In all honesty, there are way more than five features that I love, but I already sound like a Bandcamp fan girl, so I’ve had to cap myself).

#1 Vinyl

We are starting with a biggie. Vinyl.

Vinyl has made a massive resurgence in the past decade. So physically offering your music on vinyl is highly recommended.  

In the past, it has cost a small fortune to get your music pressed on vinyl, BUT Bandcamp’s vinyl pressing service makes it risk-free and hassle-free to offer your music on the medium.

Your fans’ orders finance the pressing, and Bandcamp handle the manufacturing and fulfilment.

So all you need to do is make awesome music!

For me, offering fans a vinyl copy of my albums was always a dream, Bandcamp makes that dream a possibility.

#2 Safe, Trusted Payments

In addition, another plus point for adding Bandcamp merch to your page is your customers are in safe hands.

Nearly one million fans have their credit cards and shipping addresses stored with Bandcamp. This makes it easy for fans to buy your merch in just a few clicks.

And! in 14 years, Bandcamp has processed over 164 million transactions, earned the trust of millions of fans and honed their checkout completion rate to 77%.

That’s massively impressive. 

At the end of the day, your name is your brand and you want people to be able to buy from you with confidence. Bandcamp allows that to happen.

#3 Browsing Tools

When it comes to selling merch, another cool feature Bandcamp have is that they offer merch-specific browsing tools. 

Merch-specific browsing tools allow fans to check out the best-selling hip-hop on vinyl, or newly-arrived alternative cassettes, and so on, which of course drive more sales.

Also, with an eye catching design, online buyers could discover your t-shirt first before they hear the awesome music. The design draws them into your page and then introduces them to your tunes.

It’s a massive plus point that you do not get on other platforms and one that puts Bandcamp ahead of the field.

#4 Backend

The backend of Bandcamp’s website is super powerful too.

You can quickly see your orders, mark items as shipped, search and filter orders, update customer addresses, and print shipping labels and packing slips. 

This will save you time and make the process of selling merch much easier than using other companies. Anything that saves DIY musicians time is a winner in my book.

#5 Physical sales reported

Bandcamp report physical (vinyl, cassettes, and CDs) sales to Billboard/MRC Data (formerly SoundScan) in the US and Canada, so long as you provide a UPC for the item, your sales count.

And if you are aiming for your release to chart, this is a massively important feature.


So, all in all, offering merch on your Bandcamp page is thoroughly advised. It will add to the revenue you can make and help grow your brand over time. 

Remember, if there is not any merch there, your fans certainly can’t buy it!

So adding it onto your Bandcamp page creatures new avenues of possibilities for fans who want to know about your music.

We’ve all been there, went to buy an album, came home with an album, T-shirt, mug, tea-towel, underwear (just me?), keyring, vinyl…

What are you waiting for?

Get on it. 

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