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The Texas-based duo Tough On Fridays are set to release their EP ‘Live At Texas Indie Fest’ and it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

From the beginning to the end, ‘Live At Texas Indie Fest’ is unapologetically filled with driving guitars, formidable drums and a vocal performance which is pop-punk at its finest. Reminiscent of 90’s/00’s pop-punk, Tough On Fridays are reinventing the genre for 2018 and are doing a wonderful job!

We very much enjoyed the opening song, ’Retrospect’ as it features a drum opening followed by a catchy electric guitar. The vocals are warm and inviting with gorgeous tones in them. Melodic in their delivery it is the vocals which add to the catchy feel of the song. The track is driven by the percussion and bass with a relatable feel throughout. There is a brilliant part where all of the instrumentation cuts away and the listener is left with just the bass and vocals. This is a nice touch as it is not what is expected but the surprise works beautifully.

Our favourite song on the EP is ‘Little Italy’. It features scratchy guitars with a descending chordal pattern. The song is infectious and will have you reaching for the repeat button. Destined to be a hit single, ‘Little Italy’ is a complete singalong song. There are beautiful cadences in the vocals and the addition of a tempo change is another unexpected turn. There is sparse instrumentation for the 3rd verse which paves way for the familiar slide guitar to be the foundation to which everything is built around again.

Comprised of friends Katie (Vocals, Bass, Guitars) and Caleigh (Vocals, Guitars) they have been friends since elementary school, and this bond is translated through the music. Their performances are tight and they are clearly well polished and know each other’s musical styles inside out.

So fill your should with classic music this Christmas and check out Tough On Fridays, ’Live At Texas Indie Fest’. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018






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