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Video Content
Video Content

In the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, the traditional music video was a must for any musician releasing music. 

In 2022 with the introduction of social media, music videos as they were known are dead. 

They are long gone with MTV. RIP.


Because they were too long – only your die-hard fans would sit and watch to the very end. Music videos were too scripted – ’90s boyband – need I say more? and they were too expensive to make!

Releasing full traditional music videos doesn’t do very well on today’s platforms simply because they demand too much from the audience. 

If you have produced a full-production music video, there is pressure to make it successful as it’s taken so much time and money to make. But it’s prone to failure. 

So save your money and time and be smart about how you are releasing video content. 

What Type of Video Content is Relevant Now?

Video Content
Video Content

Short videos are a big hit at the moment.

Anything you can use for Reels, TikTok, Instagram stories, Shorts, Snapchat, or your Spotify Canvas is a great choice. 

Keeping costs low and content high is a brilliant way to build your audience and engagement. 

How Often?

It’s essential to be releasing video content regularly. 

I’m not talking about multiple times a day but don’t go missing for months either. 

Platforms reward curators for uploading content. 

The more material you have for people to watch, the more extended views stay on the platform, which is exactly what the sites want. 

Going viral can explode your music overnight. The more unique content you upload, the more likely this happens. 

YouTube is still the giant when it comes to video content. 

It exposes your brand and music to new audiences for free. In addition, it is a great place to publish your content. 

So What Content Works?

So What Content Works?
So What Content Works?

A mixture of content is perfect for video marketing. These include,

  • Live Performances
  • Interviews
  • Mini documentaries 
  • Lyric Videos
  • Duets
  • Cover Song Clips
  • Stories

And the best part of it all? 

All you need is your phone and your natural-born musical talent to create great content.


If you have made longer videos, you can repurpose clips into Instagram posts, stories, Spotify Canvas, TikTok clips, teasers and video ads. 

So make sure you are using video content to your advance to create brand awareness, build your audience and grow your streams. 

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