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Trio_of_Awesome_phixrTrio of Awesuhm released their latest album on 19th April 2018. Entitled ‘Cowboys&aliens’, the album is a collection of wonderful melodies, creative talented musicians and harmonious harmonies.

‘Cowboys&aliens’ opens with the track, ‘Last Night’. It is a magnificent opening song with sleek vocals, relatable lyrics, and driving instrumentation. The drums really make this song shine. In each section, they are doing something different whether it be playing 16ths on the high hats, hitting the rim of the snare or tom fills in the second verse. They show talent and versatility throughout. It is also a brilliant introduction to some of the other instruments we will encounter during the duration of the album such as guitars, bass, and piano.

‘Love Everybody’ is a stand out track. It has an upbeat message from the get-go and magnificent musicianship makes the song a classic. We hear an acoustic guitar opening with interesting percussion and gorgeous piano fills. The harmonica is a joy and the lyrics are so catchy it is bound to have you singing along in no time!

Our favourite song is, ‘Just Hurting’. It is a laid back tune with an honest and introspective feel to the lyrics. The distorted guitar in the background gives the piece texture and the harmonies are so luscious they are truly music for the soul. The slide guitar also sets this song apart from the crowd. It has a warming, inviting but also a melancholy quality to it and the piano is simply gorgeous.

The closing song, ‘Mighty Waters’ is also a special track. It has a bass opening with a folk feel. Heavily ladened with violins, energetic drums, and interesting solos. The song is a fitting conclusion to a magnificent album.

The production on the album is so wonderful. It is crisp throughout and allows each instrument to shine in its own way. The drums have a strong and durable sound as they provide the backbone to the songs. The violins, guitars, and harmonica accompany when they are needed and shine when it’s their time to take a solo. The vocals are warm and inviting throughout. They remind us of Mary Chapin Carpenter in places and also we can hear elements of ABBA mixed in too. Having said all of this, do not be confused, Trio of Awesuhm have a sound all of their own!

Understandably, ‘Cowboys&aliens’ is currently receiving radio airplay from all corners of the globe! So join the wave, take some time out and check out this magnificent album today! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018

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