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uoQJwnFy‘Director’s Cut’ is the brilliant brand new record by Chicago based musician, Troy Petty. Released on Dachshund Records, ‘Director’s Cut’ is a thoroughly engaging record which is steeped in character and colour.

The album is a culmination of thought-provoking lyrics and wonderful musicianship. It is a look into Petty’s life and experiences with luscious harmonies and edible melodies galore.

The opening track, ‘Comfort Zone’ stands the listener in good stead as to what is to come in the preceding songs. First, we hear ominous drums with a voice drenched in wonderful reverb. Petty creates an atmosphere which is its own entity. There is a low rumbling in the background to add to the dark feel of the piece. Once the guitars enter they have been mixed to separate sides of the audio spectrum and creates layers of texture and depth.

‘I Am The Dark’ is another spellbinding song, its use of panned guitars and hard-hitting drums combine to make a track which can only be Troy Petty’s unmistakable trademark sound. The backing vocals are haunting and engaging throughout.

The title track, ‘Directors Cut’ is our favourite track on the album. It takes a different turn to the music we have heard before. It is in a new time signature and the feel of the track is new and unexpected. Solo Piano followed by vocals start the piece and when it enters,  the acoustic Guitar has been mixed to one side of the audio spectrum. There is a touch of ‘Moonlight Sonata’ around the piano piece and the gorgeous strings elevate the music further. Breathtaking.

We also enjoyed the tracks, ‘First’, the vocals are in different octaves and work beautifully together. ‘Rebel Bones’ sees an enticing swirling beginning and a rockier feel overall. The final track, ‘Lifelong’ is a gentle piece to close with. It is again filled with character and atmosphere and the entire piece ends on a piano fade. Very fitting for the journey we have been taken on.

The official release date was 3rd May. ‘Director’s Cut’ is available to be heard now, so what are you waiting for? Check out this brilliant new music today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019






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