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Album_Flourish.jpgTunde Akin has released his formidable brand new album ‘Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul)’. Released on 17th January 2019, this album truly is an awakening. It is an honest and reflective piece of art, with music to feed the soul.

The opening track ‘Poetry (Feat. Lady Zuumah)’ had us hooked from the get-go. It features sweet melodic synths and vocals with driving drums. The track is positive, healing and infectious. We were left with a sense of peace and healing from the first listen.

There are so many stand out songs to be devoured over the 15 tracks. One thing is for sure, one listen is not enough. We adored the song, ‘Precious (feat. Oladi). It opens with a guitar playing major seventh chords and is heartwarming/breaking in equal amounts. Here, Akin is able to draw the listener in and capture their hearts with his charm and honesty. We also loved the song, ‘The Little Things (feat. Nina Monet). It is a stark reminder that ‘The little things are the big things in life’. The thundering kick feels like Akin’s heartbeat and Nina Monet adds another luscious layer of texture. ‘For Jade’ is a simply gorgeous song. It is written for Akin’s partner and is sweet and intelligent writing. Stunning.

In places, this album reminds us of Kayne West’s ‘Late Registration’. It has happy and melodic musical accompaniment with Akin’s raps flowing effortlessly over the top. Akin is incredibly articulate and has the talent to be able to convey not only situations but also emotions effortlessly. That is the key about Akin, he makes the album feel effortless yet it is clear just how much time, love and devotion has gone into the record. He is an artist with something to say and his voice is intoxicating.

There is no doubting the skill and talent Akin possesses. Not only has he composed the album but he is also responsible for the crisp and concise production. All of the instruments have their own place in the mix and the vocals sit beautifully over the top of them. The vocals can be easily accessed and never get lost in the mix.

We can not believe it has taken us this long to be introduced to Tunde Akin. He is a master in his craft and without a doubt set for monumental things in 2019. We will be watching his progress and wish him every success. Check out ‘Flourish (An Album for the Awakening Soul)’ today, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019



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