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Untitled Art are a brilliant duo made up of David Sempier and James Linton. They have two singles out ahead of an impressive two new albums due out later in the year. 

The first single ‘Philly to Long Branch Part 2’ is a brilliantly composed single with a positive yet vulnerable sound. It is electronic in nature with a heavy use of synths. The synths have a wave, sea feel in the beginning and grow into a fully rounded experience as the piece grows. 

The vocals are repetitive in the beginning and staccato as the song progresses. The tone of the vocals very much reminds us of the New Radicals or REM. The kick is fully rounded and thumping like a head beat, strong and steady with a certain reliability. Once the track fully kicks in there are wonderful parallels to be drown between Untitled Art and the Prodigy. This is followed by 1/3 of the way through the slower fuller vocals revisit again. The use of panning and phasing are both in good measure. It is a superbly brilliant song touching all of the bases and everything in-between too. 

The second single ‘A fighter’s Heart’ starts with a gorgeous synth piano which is art in itself. It feels resilient with effects on the vocals adding warmth and depth. We particularly enjoyed the track falling away to leave a classy instrumental before the beat kicking right back in. There are claps used for percussion which work extremely well and even had us clapping along! The overall instrumentation is a lot busier than the previous single which is a great way to add texture to an already catchy dance tune. 

Over all Untitled Art’s sound is very current and innovative. They are taking a fun and well loved genre and putting their own unique and fresh spin on it. Both singles are accompanied by magnificent videos which are a must see. The use of old VHS footage, matched with the almost hallucinogenic visuals, make for art in the truest sense of what art is. 

With two singles like these, we can’t wait to hear the albums that are to come!

Reviewed by FVreviews May 2018




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