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V-TRAIN – ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’

We are big fans of Lansdale-based artist V-TRAIN, and we are thrilled to see he is back with his third album, ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’. It is a genre-blending release that sets V-TRAIN as an artist who is on the rise in 2022.

‘Gone Fishing’ opens the release to a warm and inviting melody before the luscious beat kicks in. We adore the layered and varied instrumentation that fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

‘Calm Sensation’ is a standout track featuring fantastic instrumentation, a stoic beat that rings out as the song’s heartbeat and sampled spoken word breaks. In addition, it is a track that has been intelligently arranged.

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‘Jazzy Nights’ takes the listener by the hand and on an ever-evolving journey. Also, ‘Painful Past’ is a beautiful track with gorgeous chordal progressions, vocal samples and an engaging beat. ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’ is an album that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.


V-TRAIN describes this wonderful latest release as, “Lo-Fi beats inspired from Boom Bap Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz and the experiences from the past.” He continues, “I am not much of a public speaker, and I struggle with socializing, so I let the music do the talking for me. Music helps you find a voice when it’s difficult to express your feelings in words.” Objective achieved!


The mix, production and master of ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’ are superb, and they add further layers of depth to an already exciting and engaging body of work. We thoroughly recommend checking out previous releases from V-TRAIN. He is driving the jazz-hip hop genre forward and is an innovative and exciting artist.

V-TRAIN is a musician at the top of his game, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next. Until then, ‘Lo-Fi Sensation’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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