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 We Are To Blame – Joakim Aukea

We Are To Blame – ‘Duality I’

The superb Swedish metal band We Are To Blame have released their stunning debut EP ‘Duality I’. It is a phenomenal release you do not want to miss this Winter.

‘Breathe’ opens the release to an atmospheric beginning before the infectious riffs and big band sound kick in. They lay the foundations for the powerful vocals to shine.

In addition, ‘Losing Rhythm’ is a standout song with driving instrumentation, memorable melodies and intriguing lyrics. Moreover, ‘The Change’ takes the EP in a fresh direction with stunning electronic melodies, a brooding vibe and juxtaposing vocal performances.

Finally, ‘All I Want To Say’ closes the release and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button.

In addition, we also adore the mix, production and master of ‘Duality I’. Every part of the exciting instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright!

Drums at zZounds

Band Members

We Are To Blame is comprised of band members Alice Hartvig – Vocals Johan Karlsson – Guitars & vocals, and Urban Granbacke – Guitars. Their musicianship is excellent, and something magical happens when they perform together.


We Are To Blame cites their influences as coming from power metal, melodic death metal, and progressive metal. We can hear these influences coming through on ‘Duality I’, but make no mistake; We Are To Blame are creating innovative and exciting music all of their own. They are pushing the metal genre forward into 2023.


So make sure that you add ‘Duality I’ to your new music playlist this week. We Are To Blame is an exciting and progressive band making brilliant and dynamic music that needs to be heard!

We highly anticipate what We Are To Blame will do in 2023! Until then, ‘Duality I’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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