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Werner cover_River heartless2.jpg‘River Heartless’ is the latest single to be released by Norwegian artist Werner MIll. Having been released in May 2018 on Velvet Records, ‘River Heartless’ is an upbeat euro pop record which will have you hooked from the first listen.

This wonderful single starts with the sound of glorious synths, they instantaneously give the European flavour and the listener knows that they are in for a treat. It is swiftly followed by a solid and reliable kick drum, an acoustic guitar, and Werner MIll’s gorgeous vocals.

The composition of the song is brilliant. The verses are followed by a chorus which is in turn followed by an instrumental played on synths. This instrumental is catchy and upbeat, it links the sections together beautifully. It reoccurs a few times during the track and each time it is a welcome addition. The solo appears three-quarters of the way through and it is a time for the electric guitar to shine. It manages to hit the right tone to sit in the track perfectly and takes centre stage magnificently.

The choruses are another strong point of ‘River Heartless’. They are brilliantly catchy and have an interesting melody. The chordal structure creates texture changing from major to minor in unexpected places. The snare drum features a double hit in places and this adds further emphasis to its existence. It is a place where all of the separate instrumentation comes together and fills the entire audio spectrum with joy for the listener. It will be stuck in your head all day in the best possible way!

The vocals really are the shining star of the piece. They are warm, rich in tone and emotive throughout. The vocals are further enhanced with the use of reverb and delay which make them stand out and they draw the listeners ear to them. There is a section where “Tell Me a Secret” can be heard in the spoken word, this is an unexpected addition and adds further depth to the piece.

‘River Heartless’ has been mixed by Thomas Siqveland and composed and produced by Werner MIll himself. The production is first class, it is clean and flawless throughout. The drums especially stand out as they have a snappy snare and a fully rounded sound to them.

We can not recommend this wonderful artist enough, check Werner MIll out today!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018

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