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Wildcard Coverart.pngHailing from the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Corbin Hale is releasing his latest single, ‘Wildcard’ on 14th December 2018.

The song starts with a dark bass and silky smooth vocals. We also hear delicious synths and high hats which build upon each other creating layers of texture. The choruses drive the song along with the verses creating character with their unpredictable twists and turns. We absolutely adored the subtle use of the electric guitar. The guitar riffs created are charismatic and laced with reverb which makes them sit well in the mix. The riffs are in a nice octave comparatively to the vocals which make the riffs feel related to the vocals in their tone and performance.

It is clear the excellent level of musicianship which has been injected into this single. Each of the instruments are played to an incredibly high standard and shine in the mix. Hale’s voice is an extremely integral part of the piece. His voice is filled with charm and warmth. From the almost whispering in the verses to the fuller performance in the chorus, Hale conveys relatable emotion throughout. His cadences are wonderfully executed and infectious – they will have you reaching for the repeat button and singing along in no time!

Inspired by the Beatles, we can hear this influence pulsing through ‘Wildcard’. It has the charm and character of a Beatles song but Hale has reinvented the genre for 2018. The many elements of percussion coming from the drums and the synths create a layered audio production to enjoy. The song has been mixed, produced and mastered to a very high standard and each element has its own place in the mix.

We must also mention the wonderful artwork which accompanies the release. It fits the song’s narrative well and is eye-catching on its own. It is crisp, clean and modern with a definitive purpose.

These days, Hale is based in Vancouver and has worked extensively with prestigious producers from Canada and the UK. Set for a Christmas release, ‘Wildcard’ would be a welcomed introduction into any playlist. We could easily hear Hale’s music fitting into placement for TV and/or film. Put some warmth into this cold December and check out ‘Wildcard’ today!

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