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Raymo and Rich are members of the impressive POP/EDM group from Australia known as RaR.

Their latest Single ‘Worried About you’ was recently released to on March 2018, and it has been givena warm welcome by both old, and new fans of RaR. ‘Worried About You’ is a truly exciting new release from RaR. The song is on the pop to RnB side of the musical spectrum with an extremely catchy, slick, and emotionally driven message weaved within.

Made up of a stunning vocal performance and on-point electronic instruments, which both contribute to the universal pop appeal of ‘Worried About You’. The piano parts cut through the low-end instruments giving this hot single a texture that makes the song interesting to the core.

There is a very clear and impressive vocal range demonstrated here, and for many, the lyrics are going to pull hard on those heartstrings. Incredibly strong in the falsetto, the vocals are silky and powerful in their delivery, working in harmony with itself on the backing vocals and the many instrumental parts layered throughout the song itself.

The mixing and mastering of the song is superb, you can clearly hear the time and patience that went into making sure this song was done exactly so, a true sign of an industry professional musical pioneer.

I particularly liked the reverb and delay used on the vocals on the first verse, it gave the vocals both a warmth and an emotional depth. I could easily imagine this song as a song to drive to, or just as easily to dance to in a club, which I am sure it will be played at many!

The mid-tempo nature appeals to everyone, and the relatable nature of the lyrics means it will transcend age, gender, and genre. With a single like this one, we will be eagerly watching to see what will come next!

Reviewed by FV reviews March 2018

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