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Annie Fitzgerald releases her second studio album, ‘You & Me & the Sun’ on 1st June 2018. The Minnesota born singer/songwriter has been marked by the Songwriters Hall of Fame as an artist to watch and we can see why.

All of the songs are comprised of staple well arranged and executed instrumentation. As well as the standard, Guitar, Vocals, Drums and Bass, Piano features heavily which is a welcome backing to Fitzgerald’s divine vocals. The entire album is a superb piece of work with outstanding writing and musicianship. 

It’s hard to pick favourite songs but if we must they would be: the opening track, ‘Be Like a Tree”, it has an unusual solo drum opening which is the bass foundation to the gorgeous instrumentation which follows. The harmonies are flawless and the soul behind the voices is almost tangible. Also, ‘Listen Carefully’ is upbeat and joyful in nature. There is a strong staccato in the bridge making the chorus feel rounded and full. Guitars feature heavily with palm muting flirting with fully rounded rhythm acoustic making for an interesting sonic experience. We adored the title track, ‘You & Me & the Sun’, it starts with a stunning guitar and piano opening, a breathy vocal performance and is catchy throughout. All of the instrumentation pulls out during the bridge before the track kicks back in, creating layer and layers of texture. 

For us, the outstanding track is ‘Goodbye Now’. Up until track number 5, the record has been upbeat and cheerful. This is then juxtaposed to ‘Goodbye Now’ a relatable heart wrenching and breaking song. Everything about this tune is exquisite. We hear the addition of subtle strings which have been arranged so well to work in harmony with the piano and still let the vocals shine but add deep depth to the instrumentation’s classy infrastructure. 

Fitzgerald’s voice is simply sublime. It reminds us of Colbie Caillat in places and also Rachael Price from the Lake Street Band. Fitzgerald has the ability to have you chilled, singing along and heartbroken all within a few songs. Her tone is smooth and falsetto flawless.

The album has been produced by Danny O’Brien (The Farewell Circuit, Dem Yuut) who’s production suits Fitzgerald’s sound perfectly. It is clean and warm with a large touch of perfection. O’Brien has clearly understood Fitzgerald’s work and has made her sound shine.

There is no doubt ‘You & Me & the Sun’ is full of classic summer tunes. So kick back, put this record on and enjoy your summer soundtrack. 

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018




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