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‘YRA’ – Skylights 2018

Skylights 2018 are a rock band hailing from York and Leeds, UK. They are an Indie Rock Band with hints of Oasis and The Verve but don’t be fooled, with their new song ‘YRA’, they are making a new distinct sound all of their own.

‘YRA’ is an energetic fast paced rock song, reminiscent of 90’s Britpop with a fresh twist. The band are clearly excellent musicians with well balanced instrumentation and a tight sound.  The guitar riffs are big when they need to be and also a perfect accompaniment when the vocals need to shine. Any budding guitarist will want to be learning the riffs in the song and be practising them non stop! ‘YRA’ is driven by the tight, fast paced bass and drums, making for a high impact song which will be humming in your head all afternoon.

For us, the chorus was the stand out feature of the track. It is catchy and will draw you in with a bold yet sleek melody and perfectly executed vocals. We were notably impressed with the mix, production and mastering of ‘YRA’. Skylights 2018 are heavy but makes for a sound that is undeniably theirs.

What a great song to start 2018, we can’t wait to see what comes next from this magnificent band.

Twitter: @skylights2018


Review by FVreviews March 2018

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