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ZADAR - Cindi Landmesser Photography
ZADAR – Cindi Landmesser Photography

ZADAR – ‘Julie’

The superb artist ZADAR is back with his compelling single, ‘Julie’. This post-punk release needs to be added to your new music playlist this week!

From an attention-demanding opening, the listener is thoroughly hooked. We adore the guitar riff that instantly injects the track with a luscious texture. Then, as the charismatic vocals take the reins of the song, the audience is hooked.

We like the relatable lyrics which reach out and touch the listener. In addition, the stoic rhythm section creates a solid foundation for the rest of the layered instrumentation to build from.

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We adore the mix, master and production of ‘Julie’. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright. ZADAR knows how to write a memorable song.


ZADAR says about the release, “This song was originally written for someone I was once very fond of. I contemplated for a while whether I should even release this track at all because of the meaning it once held and the bittersweet feeling it brings me whenever I listen to it. It felt like a shame to shelve this song as I’ve always liked how the music turned out.”


ZADAR cites his influences as coming from artists such as The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Anything Box, New Order, Glynn McCann, Drab Majesty, and Interpol. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Julie’, and ZADAR stands shoulder to shoulder with them.

James Sinclair-Stott/Mirko Dellamonic

‘Julie’ has been written and recorded by ZADAR. He has also teamed up with producer James Sinclair-Stott for the mixing and production and Mirko Dellamonic for the artwork. Together the team have crafted a single that sets ZADAR as an artist on the rise in 2022.

So listen to ‘Julie’ from the link below today; you will not be disappointed!

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