Thin Body Acoustic Guitars: Ultimate Guide (2020)

Thin Body Acoustic Guitars
Thin Body Acoustic Guitars

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Thin Body Acoustic Guitars

What is a skinny body acoustic guitar?

Thin body acoustic guitars have been thoroughly underrated in the past.

There is nothing worse than playing a guitar which feels uncomfortable. Sure, dreadnoughts have a beautiful sound but are they the most satisfying to hold? Not always.

That’s where the skinny body acoustic guitar comes in. Its thin build will stop your arm from aching and make playing easier.

In this blog, we have compiled the ultimate list of slim bodied acoustic guitars to suit every player and budget.

We have listed them into four main categories; Best Overall, Best Budget, Best Runner Up and the Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar for Under $500.

We have also thrown in a few curveball alternatives that you might not have thought of.

Furthermore, we have answered Frequently Asked Questions about slim guitars towards the end of the blog.

If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you. Enjoy!

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Sound

Depending on the size of the body of an acoustic guitar, the tone and bass can vary. Moreover, there is a fine balance to be reached between the size and the sound profile it gives.

However, the trade-off between tone quality and playability doesn’t always need to occur.

The Martin 0 is the perfect example of this. It is a thin-bodied acoustic guitar which gives a big mid-range punch and therefore, HAD to be the first in our recommended picks.

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar - Martin 0
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar – Martin 0
Get The Lowest Price Martin 0 Here

Best Over All Thin Body Acoustic Guitar?

Takamine Thinline Acoustic Guitar

Takamine TSP138CTB, Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Tobacco Sunburst

Thin body acoustic guitars don’t get better than this.

With its slim figure and quality tone wood construction, the easy-playing TSP138C from Takamine’s Thinline series boasts a full, dynamic acoustic response that even electric guitarists will feel quite comfortable behind.

Plugged in onstage or for songwriting at home, the TSP138C marks a smart compromise between solidbody-like playability and rich, stage-ready acoustic tone.

Moreover, it’s built from a tried-and-true cocktail of spruce, sapele, and mahogany to deliver a traditionally balanced and punchy sound.

All the while, onboard electronics, powered by Takamine’s own CT-3N preamp, inject pure-grain acoustic tone directly into your interface or PA without the need for a mic.

An onboard tuner and notch filter, along with traditional 3-band EQ and output controls, give you full control over your sound directly from the stage.

Rounding out this handsome package are an eye-catching abalone soundhole rosette and matching dot fingerboard inlays.

Best Budget Slim Acoustic Guitar

Fender Newporter Special Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Fender Newporter
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Fender Newporter

Get The Lowest Price Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Fender Newporter Here

The exclusive medium-sized Newporter shape gives it a balanced voice that’s both articulate and powerful, perfect for backing up any singer.

Firstly, designed for performing, fully-painted solid Sitka spruce top and painted solid mahogany sides and back, as well as a matching painted 6-in-line headstock and maple binding and rosette give this guitar a shot of electrifying style.

Unconventional to the core, the Newporter Special is definitely something different and exciting.

The Newporter Special’s no-compromise attitude extends to its top-notch build quality, featuring optimized bracing for reduced mass and superior resonance and an upgraded bone nut and saddle for exceptional sustain.

Most imprtantly, it also includes a premium Fender- and Fishman(R)-designed preamp system voiced specifically for the Newporter’s body shape, allowing you to plug in to an amplifier without sacrificing the guitar’s natural sound.

The lightweight mahogany neck features a comfortable, easy-to-play slim-taper “C”-shaped profile suitable for any playing style, and its pau ferro fingerboard and bridge further augment this instrument’s rich tone.

Best Runner Up

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Dean
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Dean
Get The Lowest Price Dean Exhibition Koa Acoustic-Electric Guitar Here

The Dean Exhibition Acoustic-Electric Guitar is designed to be a perfect companion onstage.

Made with a mahogany body and beautiful KOA exotic wood top, the thin body of the Exhibition adds comfort while helping to reduce feedback when plugged in.

The slim D-shaped profile of the set mahogany neck is extremely comfortable for electric guitarists and features a 25-1/4″ scale.

Appointments include a smooth ebony fingerboard, pearl Ultra Diamond inlays, black NuBone nut & saddle, Grover tuners, and a Fishman Presys II system.

Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500

Ibanez Thin Body Acoustic Guitar – On Sale!

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Ibanez
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Ibanez
Get The Lowest Price Ibanez TCY10E Talman Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Here

Ibanez’s double-cutaway Talmans are perfect for the electric guitarist who wants to gain the full tones of an acoustic guitar, without losing the comfort and playability of an electric.

TCY models feature the clarity of a bridge pickup combined with a spruce top too.

Alternative Number One

If you are looking for something a bit different, we have included two wild card.

Left-Handed Fender Redondo Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Left-Handed Fender Redondo
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Left-Handed Fender Redondo
Get The Lowest Price Fender Redondo Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar Left-Handed Here

Bold and brash, the chest-thumping sound of this big-bodied acoustic was designed to inspire from the moment you pick it up.

The exclusive slope-shouldered Redondo body shape has a rich, commanding voice that fills any room.

The gloss metallic top, back and sides, as well as a matching painted 6-in-line headstock and creme binding, give it a shot of electrifying attitude.

Dynamic, unique and unconventional — like today’s guitarists — the Redondo Player refuses to be bound by the past.

The same no-compromise attitude that gives the Fender Redondo Player its uniquely killer vibe extends to every aspect of its construction.

It features optimized bracing for reduced mass and superior resonance, a Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle for greater sustain and a Fishman preamp system that makes it easy to plug in without sacrificing the guitar’s natural sound.

Its lightweight mahogany neck features a comfortable, easy-to-play, slim-taper ‘C’-shaped profile suitable for any playing style and its walnut fingerboard and bridge further augment its vibrant tone.

With superb playability, distinctive looks and unmistakably Fender vibe, the Redondo Player is an inspiring instrument that was made for self-expression. 

Alternative Number Two

Taylor Thin Body Guitar

Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Thin Body Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Get The Lowest Price Taylor T5z Pro Guitar Here

As part of Taylor’s series of T5 hybrid acoustic-electric guitars, the Taylor T5z Pro offers the same compact hollowbody design and electronics as the groundbreaking T5z Standard, with the added bonus of a stunning flamed maple top.

In addition to making this instrument heartbreakingly beautiful, the maple top imparts a distinctive tone with a notable amount of sustain and splendor.

This guitar’s fretboard also sports the progressive spires inlay scheme that is unique to the T5z Pro and the T5z Custom.

For a thin body acoustic guitar, this Taylor is a winner!


What’s the difference between a thin vs thick body acoustic guitar?

The main difference between thin and thick-bodied guitars is the sound that they produce and the way that they feel when you play them.

Thin body guitars tend not to have such a deep tone, but they fit nicely and feel comfortable when being played.

However, thick body acoustic guitars are just the opposite. They have a rich deep bass tone but can feel bulkier when holding them.

Where are there thin body acoustic guitars for sale?

Sometimes it takes a more in-depth search, but most online and instore music shops stock slim guitars.

The best way to tell is to look at the width of the body to see how thick or thin they are. We thoroughly recommend looking on amazon.

Here, you can search for thin body acoustic guitars, and they will show up easily. This isn’t always the case. Also, Amazon has a great variety of choice and comes with and a trusted name.

Also, make sure to read the reviews from people who have bought the product previously!

Where can I get a thin body acoustic guitar case?

There are two types of cases available. A soft material based case or a hard case. For better protection we recommend the hard case.

We have included ones we love below.

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