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Wide Neck Guitar: Ultimate Guide Best Buys (2021)

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Wide Neck Guitar
Wide Neck Guitar

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Wide Neck Guitar Guide 

A wide neck guitar suits players with larger hands and longer fingers. It is imperative when learning to play the guitar to find an instrument which suits you. 

If you are struggling to form chords or make notes sound clearly, then a wider neck guitar could be the answer.

More space to place your fingers let you get a crisper sound and improve your playing dramatically!

Wide neck guitars are classed as guitars whose nut is 1 and 7/8″. We have compiled a list of the best electric and acoustic guitars with wide necks to suit you. Enjoy!

Is learning to play the piano more your thing?

Wide Neck Guitar Acoustic – Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Best overall

Wide Neck Guitar
Wide Neck Guitar

Get the Lowest Price Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar here!

The award-winning Seagull S6 Original Series gets revamped without compromising the classic appeal it is known for. Being known as the flagship of the Seagull line, the S6 Original includes a pressure tested cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck, a custom polished semi-gloss finish, and a bolder look on the neck, back and sides.

This Seagull S6 Original features a pressure-tested cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck and bold grain patterns under a custom-polished semi-gloss finish.

The combined tone woods and thin yet durable finish allow the S6 to project with a crisp midrange and tight bottom end; making it a tonal essential for any player.

Wide neck Guitar – Ibanez

Best Runner Up

Wide neck Guitar - Ibanez
Wide neck Guitar – Ibanez

Get the Lowest Price Ibanez RG652AHM Prestige Electric Guitar (with Case) here!

An ash body keeps your highs sparkly and your lows rumbling, while DiMarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone pickups help your soaring solos cut through the mix.

The RG652AHM features an ash body for sparkling highs and beefy lows with a generous heaping of sustain.

The ultra-fast, 5-piece maple/walnut, Super Wizard High Performance neck has a stunning birdseye maple fingerboard for a snappier sound. Electronics include a pair of DiMarzio Air Norton and The Tone Zone pickups for the perfect mix of power and tone, and a 5-way selector switch for maximum tonal versatility.

The masterpiece Edge bridge offers exceptional tuning stability, precise intonation adjustment, and playing comfort.

Seagull S6

Best Budget

Wide Neck Guitar Seagull S6
Wide Neck Guitar Seagull S6

Get the Lowest Price Seagull S6 Original QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar here!

With its solid Sitka spruce top, gorgeous wild cherry back and sides, and superb Godin QIT electronics, the S6 Original offers a ton of bang for your buck.

Winner of several awards, the Seagull S6 Original QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar is perhaps the instrument that best represents the Seagull philosophy.

The S6 offers entry-level players the opportunity to experience the great feel and superb sound provided by a hand-finished neck, select solid spruce top and a custom polished finish. This model includes Godin Quantum IT electronics with built-in tuner.

Ibanez Wide Neck Guitar Electric

Best Under 500

Ibanez AS73G

Ibanez AS73G

Get the Lowest Price Ibanez AS73G Artcore Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar here!

Perfect for anything from jazz to rock, the AS73G has tone in its DNA. The maple body adds bite, while the mellow Artcore humbuckers smooth everything out.

When Artcore guitars debuted in summer 2002, they turned the music industry upside down. No longer were full and semi-acoustic guitars just big expensive jazz boxes for jazz players.

With Artcore guitars you get an amazingly affordable price plus the quality and tone you expect from Ibanez, the guitar company with over 4 decades of experience making full and semi-acoustic guitars.

Alternative One

Ibanez RG421PB
Ibanez RG421PB

Get the Lowest Price Ibanez RG421PB Electric Guitar here!

The RG421PB’s mahogany body creates deep tones while the Quantum pickups produce a variety of textures with crisp treble for a full-bandwidth tonal assault.

If Ibanez can lay claim to the title of being the strongest name in metal guitars, then the RG is the model this reputation was built on. Every inch of this classic screams speed, fury, and expression.

The Ibanez RG421PB is a 6-string electric built around a Mahogany body with a handsomely figured Poplar Burl top. It features the Wizard III Maple neck–an achievement in player comfort designed to maximize performance.

A jatoba fretboard with jumbo frets provides a smooth, inviting playing surface and contributes to the RG421PB’s warm, well-defined tonality.

Proprietary Quantum pickups produce an entire palette of thick, distorted tone textures that offer excellent high-end articulation. A simple, yet solid fixed bridge provides stable, dependable tuning and accurate intonation.

Alternative Two

Wide Neck Guitar Hanger

Get the Lowest Price Off The Wall Guitar Wall Hanger for Wider Necks here!

With its 200 pound capacity, you can be sure that this heavy-duty wall hanger will hold and protect your wide-neck guitar.

Off The Wall Guitar Hangers are heavy duty, swiveling instrument hangers featuring a cushioned coating that’s Safe for All Finishes Except Freshly Applied Nitro Lacquer & is STRONGER than ever will hold up to 200 lbs!

Wide model holds classical & 12 string guitars & 6 string basses. Superior mounting hardware included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wide neck guitars easier to play?

If you have large hands and long fingers, then yes. Rather than trying to squeeze your fingers into fretboards, a wide neck guitar will allow you to play comfortably. 

What’s the best wide neck guitar on Amazon?

What’s the best wide neck guitar stand?

What are the best Ovation wide neck guitar?

The Ovation Josh White, and 12-fret Adamas, both feature 1.75″ nut widths. However, they are quite difficult to get hold of!

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