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A Kind of Man – ‘Franceen’

Danish-based artist, A Kind of Man (AKA Bjørn Rosenquist), has released a new solo project, and his second single ‘Franceen’ on 18th October 2019.

It is a beautiful single filled with passionate expression and intoxicating melodies. Jangly guitars, a melodic bass, and unique vocals all take centre stage while driving drums create the foundation of the piece. A synth solo provides a change of pace, and a catchy chorus returns like a familiar friend. 

A Kind of Man says, “‘Franceen’ is energetic indie rock loaded with romantic escapism.” He continues, “After a strange and incoherent one night stand, you always have to confront reality with bloodshot eyes. You’ve been hopelessly romantic and extremely drunk while chasing after a big love the night before – and the day after, you just feel like writing a messed up song of shame. That’s why I wrote ‘Franceen.’” Relatable to many of us, this is part of A Kind of Man’s charm. 

We are so pleased to see the video for A Kind of Man’s first single ‘Teddy Love’ has been nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ at The True Award 2019. The artist, Meeto devised the visuals of the video. Also, both ‘Franceen’ and ‘Teddy Love’ appear on A Kind of Man’s debut EP due for release on 29th November 2019. Both songs are also featured in the skater-documentary ‘Don’t Give A Fox’ by award-winning director Kaspar Astrup Schröder.

Credits for the single are as follows: Vocals, all instruments: A Kind of Man, Production: Julian Winding & A Kind of Man, Mix: Julian Winding & A Kind of Man, Master: Emil Thomsen. Together they have created a charming piece of art that is destined to be enjoyed by many. 

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