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A Soliman - 'Internet Broke Me' - FV Music Blog
A Soliman – ‘Internet Broke Me’ – FV Music Blog

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A Soliman – ‘Internet Broke Me’

Egyptian born artist, A Soliman is back with his fun latest single, ‘Internet Broke Me’. Released officially today 5th June 2020, this magnificent single is available to stream now! 

Vocals and gentle backing instrumentation open the single. A Soliman’s vocals shine and take the lead with genuine and attention-grabbing lyrics from the get-go. The relatable nature in the lyrics will endear A Soliman to his audience. There is an honesty to his vocal delivery which is charming and filled with character. 

The instrumentation grows slowly and evolves as the single progresses. As the beat kicks in, the song is in full flow. ‘Internet Broke Me’ has a catchy chorus which stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

A Soliman - 'Internet Broke Me' - FV Music Blog
A Soliman – ‘Internet Broke Me’ – FV Music Blog

A Soliman speaks about the release

A Soliman says about the release, “I wanted ‘Internet Broke Me’ to be fun and sweet, while also being completely real.” He continues, “(‘Internet Broke Me’ is a song that) highlights the downsides of social media, especially in these unprecedented times. It’s a chill bop, and I hope you enjoy it!”

A Soliman discography

A Soliman has a discography of previous releases too. He is a prolific writer who is wracking up release after release of singles. We hope a full album is on the cards soon. We thoroughly recommend checking out previous releases after listening to ‘Internet Broke Me’.

So make sure you add this brilliant single to your playlist this weekend. A Soliman is a great artist who is making waves in these difficult times. Support his latest track ‘Internet Broke Me’ by checking it out from the link below. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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