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A Starving Viking
A Starving Viking

A Starving Viking – ‘The Milksop’

Milford-based artist, A Starving Viking, has released the magnificent ‘The Milksop’ EP in April 2022. It is an indie garage-folk release that sets A Starving Viking as an artist to watch this year.

‘It’s Mine Now’ opens the release to a gorgeously picked acoustic guitar that is instantly enticing. We adore the evolution of the backing instrumentation, which develops as the song does. A Starving Viking’s vocals are lyrically compelling, and his performance enchanting.

‘The Hither Shore’ features a staccato opening that unwinds into a luscious groove. Again, it is lyrically poetical and thoroughly captivating. Finally, ‘Morality Play’ closes the release with a skilfully played acoustic guitar, memorable melodies and balance instrumentation.

‘The Milksop’ is an outstanding release that takes the listener on a journey over the three tracks, and it has us reaching for the repeat button!


A Starving Viking says about this superb release, “These three songs were written and recorded in a makeshift hut in my garage at the start of the pandemic when I was dealing with some self-confidence and imposter syndrome issues.”

He continues, “They’re catchy dialogues with myself, yet I think many people can relate to that frustrating negative self-talk we all have.”


A Starving Viking (AKA Matt Jarrett) is a talented musician who is making music that needs to be heard. ‘The Milksop’ is a multi-genre release that is filled with integrity and passion.

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Previously, A Starving Viking released his debut record, ‘Semblance’, in 2019 on the indie label Resonating Wood Recordings. After hearing ‘The Milksop’ EP, we can not wait to check out his back catalogue too!

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So make sure you add ‘The Milksop’ EP to your new music playlist this week. A Starving Viking is creating exciting and innovative music that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Check A Starving Viking out from the link below; you will not be disappointed!

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