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a2RK – ‘Morlich’

‘Morlich’ is the third EP in a trio of releases by Leicester based band, a2RK. With an ever-evolving sound and groove, a2RK has produced another winning release with this brand new EP.

‘Glenmore (Just You and I)’ opens the release. A sound of wind sets the scene before a beautifully picked acoustic guitar breaks through. An electric guitar joins with sparse percussion. The song evolves beautifully before the listener’s ears.

We adored ‘Usquebaugh’. A duo of guitars fill the audio landscape. The first guitar is soon accompanied by a second, to begin with offering support and then taking the lead. The juxtaposition of melodies is sonically mesmerising. Also, the attitude in the strummed part of the acoustic guitar creates excellent texture too.

‘Ben Macdui’ is hard-hitting from the get-go. Unusual chord changes and unexpected twists and turns keep the track sounding fresh and enticing. ‘Return to Morlich’ features fantastic vocals. The lead guitar dances with them, a perfect union. The familiar wind sound returns at the end to guide the EP to its natural conclusion.

a2RK’s sound is a unique blend of old school Prog mixed with more modern-day influences, such as new-age folk, blues and ambient rock. Citing their inspirations as, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard, Flower Kings, and Rush, we can hear these influences coming through the EP. a2RK creates songs by bouncing ideas between themselves. They evolve themes, and continually interpret each others impressions. This unity of creativity gives the tunes their shape and unique charm.

‘Morlich’ has the same charm which we adored from a2RK’s previous release, ‘prdctbl’. It also has new dimensions of its own. Make sure you check out all 3 EP’s today, they are a wonderful collection of music!

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