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a2RK – ‘prdctbl’ EP

Leicester based band, a2RK released their EP ‘prdctbl’ in 2017. Unpredictable and charming, it is a beautiful release filled with three ambient and intriguing tracks.

The title track, ‘prdctbl’ opens the release. Atmospheric piano and drums fill the audio landscape with a guitar taking the lead. An organ, vocals, backing vocals and layered guitars all contribute to a passionate piece of music. We enjoyed ‘Tears’, there are raw emotions to be heard throughout the song. A solo bass opens and ends the track with an uplifting and ambient feel in between. The final track, ‘China Dawn’ features luscious synths, brilliant melodies and a continually evolving feel.

A2RK are comprised of members: Kelvyn Martin (Vocals, Guitars),
Roy Naidoo (Keyboards, Programming, Guitar), Andy Heggs (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals), Alexandre Santos (Guitars), and Jack Shakespeare (Bass). Together, their progressive and intricate sound evolves throughout the EP. This release follows the tragic loss of the band’s friend and drummer, Adi Barrett. The tracks are a beautiful release in his memory. We found the songs evoke emotions within the listener, and the heartfelt melodies resonate deeply too.

This release is the follow-up release to the bands 2016 EP, ‘Papillon’. In October 2019, a2RK released their third EP ‘Morlich’. The group describe the releases, “We are enormously proud of these EPs, as definitive representations of our progression towards refining and perfecting our art and defining our unique style and character.” There is undoubtedly character and charm running through the EP’s, and we look forward to seeing what the band do next.

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